Funeral of Your Social Experience



This is a performance/installation Chris Carroll, Samantha North, Lana Abu-shamat and myself put together.  It was an amazing opportunity and it turned out amazing!  Here is  a statement about the installation.

-Over the past few years, social networking has become more and more popular with both younger and older generations as an interface to communicate and share life experience with peer groups. Facebook has many benefits such as reconnecting with long-lost companions, staying in touch with distant friends, and the ability to easily share thoughts, feelings, photos & event invitations – you name it, Facebook can do it. And who doesn’t have a Facebook these days?

We as a small group feel as if Facebook is in many ways, defeating itself. Though it aims to enrich social experience, Facebook has inadvertently caused us to become less and less social; for instance sitting at home and checking status updates instead of going downtown to see a film, or sitting at home alone chatting on “Facebook Chat” instead of meeting up for coffee and having a ‘real-life’ conversation with your best friend. You can see the disadvantages as well. How many times have you been in a group of people these days and instead of laughter and conversation, all everyone is doing is updating their Facebook status on their Macbook Pros, not talking.

Facebook is giving us all the illusion of having hundreds of friends and being supreme socialites when in reality, how many of those people do you actually even speak to? How many of those people do you commonly interact with? How many of these people know you? Does your “friends list” reflect how many friends you actually have? Not only that, but how often do we “friend” somebody just so that we can go to his or her page and check up on them or their pictures? If you left a comment every time you visited someone’s page, how different would your experience on Facebook be? Would we be as inclined to pry into other’s privacy if there were a Facebook mechanism alerting our activities to their respective page owners? What if they could see what you were doing or looking at on their page and vice versa? How is any of this helping us as human beings to interact with each other in the real world when Facebook operates on anonymity? How can it help you be a social creature when it enables us with so much invisibility?

We feel that a funeral is in order: a funeral for the imminent death of social experience as we know it. Facebook has robbed us of wholesome social interaction and that is to be greatly lamented.

I’m so glad I got to work with such amazing people!!  Y’ALL DA BESTEST!! ❤


Top trumps on this season

Two facts I have recently been told/discovered.

1.  Water cures all especially in it’s frozen state.

2.  Everything needs to be fluffed.

(the last is supposed to be referenced in the holiday season, i.e. decorating, but I KNOOWWW minds wander, especially mine, so feel free to meander through the gutter)

Me: ” Festive greetings from my loins.”

Fox: ” Top trumps on this season.”

MAN, I feel like a woman!

So, this past fall quarter was the toughest quarter to date at SCAD but it was also the BEST!  I drove myself insane trying to complete two 84″x67″ paintings in 10 weeks, more like 5 weeks because of mishaps and unexpected setbacks, but I’m not complaining.  I learned so much this past quarter and have really come into my own proving, to myself mostly, that I can paint what I want and people will love it, dammit. Which means…….MORE NAKED PEOPLE….ooooohhhhh child you betta work.

My two new paintings are based on identity and gender.  I am absolutely obsessed with androgyny and looking for a way to incorporate that with fashion, nudity, sex, texture, pattern, religion and pretty much everything else that makes up who I am.  That list could go on forever and could be turned into another post.  ANY WHO, I finally realized how to sum up everything I’m about and I produced these 2 paintings which are a start to a whole new series.  Who says a man can’t possess womanly traits or habits.  Whose to say a woman can’t be a lil butch now and then.  I believe we all house these 2 genders inside ourselves.  We’re hermaphroditic to a point.  You don’t have to be overly masculine to be a straight man or obnoxiously feminine to be straight woman.

*side thought- I just pictured my best friends Fox and Mayo having a lovely Sunday afternoon tea with delicate finger sandwiches complete with huge hats and floral dresses talking with the other well to do women of today gossiping about Gertrude’s new man or Sally’s want for a child.  Then the two of them rolling their eyes making the ever popular ‘gorilla face’ then ripping off their dresses and diving in the pond screaming ‘BALLS OUT BITCHES!’  Oh the places my mind goes. *


and here’s the second


An outsider

Often times I’m questioned why I’m not inspired by painters.  For the record, that’s FALSE!  I am inspired by painters but my sources for inspiration don’t stop there.  They dip and dive into fashion, music, celebrities, nature; anything really.  For example, this woman is shit!  Marina from Marina and the Diamonds is brilliant and a true artist in my book.  Her music seeps it’s way into my work.  She sings a lot about pop culture and the absurdity that is the United States, our obsessions and being an outsider.  Her first album ‘The Family Jewels’ was absolute pop gold.

Rambling aside, lets get to the point of this post.  On her blog she posted her epiphany on why she’s loner.  Marina said ‘I just have a truthful and realistic view of the meaning of friendship and relationship-That you cannot get on ‘really well’ with everyone.’  Just because you don’t want to go out and do things or talk to people in social situations doesn’t make you socially awkward.

She’s right.  Everyone looks at me as socially awkward or reserved.  It couldn’t be the complete opposite.  If I like you then I’ll talk your head off.  If I feel we don’t really get along I’m not going to socialize with you.  It’s as simple as that.  Although for some reason people just can’t seem to understand that, or me for that matter.  Some people just prefer to be alone.  I call it my people hangover.  After hanging out with people, even for a short time, I need that time times 2 in order to recoup.  It’s my people hangover.

“I wish people wouldn’t make introversion into a personality flaw.”- Marina,googling_178.htm?pg=9



Spring quarter 2011 I took an intro to fibers class.  I really enjoyed learning all the basic techniques and getting to put my hands in something other than paint.  I learned however that I was not meant to be a fibers major.  I’m meant to be waist deep in acrylics and phthalo blue, have paint on every article of clothing I own and constantly question where all my scrapes and bruises come from.  Painting will always and forever be my home.

But in this class, for my final, I got to make some kick ass pillows!  They are about the size of body pillows.  More specifically they are 32″x19″ and 36″x27″.  I’m obsessed with the Baroque era in art.  These pillows were inspired by the Baroque art movement and their ideas about religion.  Homosexuality wouldn’t have been mentioned in that time much less portrayed in painting.  I wanted to comment on that.  They take on the Baroque aesthetic with all the curves and shapes in it’s form and the ornamentation I added on.  The shape of each pillow also suggests the figure and or sensual/erotic shapes.  One pillow is made of a shower curtain and stuffed with red shredded metallic paper.  The other is made of red vinyl and black lace with lace and gold leafing added on the front.  Each pillow is printed with a block design I made that suggests a cross but when looking closely it’s actually the male symbol repeated over and over.

I wanted to produce something that would’ve been accepted by the church during this time but that illustrated a hush hush topic in print, materials and form.

Who Wants to Spank Me?

This was a painting I did in Large Format entitled “Who Wants to Spank Me?”  It is 80″x100″ and done in acrylic.  Something that is very interests me is how women have been seen and portrayed as sexual/sensual beings since the age of time.  Men have always had to be the hero or the ‘strong’ guy.  Why can’t the roles be reversed?  Why can’t men be portrayed as seductive?  This piece has a lot to do with that and beauty.  I didn’t want this  to appeal to solely women or solely men.  I wanted both to be attracted to it.

Here is the full size drawing (80″x100″) I did before I painted the final painting.  This is done in charcoal and conte crayon.  I enjoy and prefer to do a full scale drawing of my paintings to work out any issues so once I get to the painting I don’t have to fret over those tiny details.  I can just paint.

Tell me sumthin’….

So, I could be all like ‘meh this is my first blog post and this is what it’s about. meehhhhh.’   But that ain’t me.  However, I would like to welcome you to my head, harem, sketchbook, in my pants and whatever sorta place you can be that is related to the Scott Welsh.  Sit back and enjoy my proclivity for poppycock.


Where’s yo boss at?!?